Get Reset 3 Day Cleanse 1

 Includes: Jamaica Island Green, Get Energized, ABC, 3 Dandelion Root Teabags, Herbal cleanse, and Tonic with the schedule Note: This package includes 9 juices, 3 juices per day. Each juice is 16 oz. Must be placed...

Winter Cold Buster

Fortifying juices to help boost your immune system Includes: 6 16oz Juices & Schedule 2 Citrus Blend (Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime & Agave) 2 Green Power (kale, Spinach, Apples & Celery) 2 Carrot & Orange...

Get A-5 Day (20 Juices)

 Note: Includes 20 Juices. 4 Juices/Day. All juices are 16 oz. Includes: 5 Jamaica Island Green, 5 Get ABC, 5 Get Energized, 5 Yaddie Carrot, Herbal, and Tonic cleanse with the schedule. Delivery: Available for pick up...

Get A-6 Pack

Give your digestive system a break with one of GJ Juicing Packages & provide your body with nutrients by enhancing your absorption of nutrients. Juicing can provide the body with a healthy source of vitamins...
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